With AsciiDoc you can create several types of lists that contain a variety content, such as images, example blocks, and notices. You can even mix the different list item types into one list.

But first, some terminology.

A list is an AsciiDoc block element that contains list items.

A list item is content, which can include multiple paragraphs or blocks, that may be preceded by a marker, number, letter, or symbol depending on the list type and options assigned to list.

List types


Also known as a task or punch list, these lists contain items marked by either an empty ballot box (☐) or a checked box (☑). You can even create clickable task lists with AsciiDoc.

Description list

A list of terms and their corresponding descriptions and definitions.

Ordered list

A list of enumerated items preceded by a number or letter in a sequence.

Unordered list

A list of items typically preceded by a bullet (•), and therefore also known as bullet points or bulleted lists. Navigation files also contain unordered AsciiDoc lists.