Git Keys

The playbook keys configured under git control the behavior of the git client in Antora.

git key

The git key holds all the git-related playbook keys, such as the git credentials and automatic URL suffix.

Example 1. antora-playbook.yml
git: (1)
  ensure_git_suffix: false (2)
  credentials: (3)
    path: ./.git-credentials (4)
1 Optional git key
2 Optional ensure_git_suffix key
3 Optional credentials key
4 Optional path key

The git key and the child key-value pairs it accepts are optional. When the git key isn’t present in the playbook, Antora falls back to using default configuration for the git client.

Available git keys

Git Keys Description Required


Accepts git credentials data matching the format used by the git credential store.



Accepts a filesystem path to a git credentials file matching the format used by the git credentials store.



true by default. When true, this key instructs the git client to automatically append .git to content sources repository URLs if absent.