URLs Keys

The playbook keys configured under urls manage the site’s published URLs and redirects.

urls key

The global properties of your site’s published URLs and redirect facility are defined under the urls key in a playbook file.

urls: (1)
  html_extension_style: drop (2)
  redirect_facility: netlify (3)
1 Optional urls key
2 Optional html_extension_style key
3 Optional redirect_facility key

These keys are optional; Antora will use their default values if they’re not specified. The html_extension_style and redirect_facility keys can also be configured from the Antora CLI.

Available urls keys

URLs Keys Description Required


Specifies the user-facing URL extension used for HTML pages. Accepts the values default, drop, and indexify.



Specifies whether Antora generates redirects either as static HTML refresh pages or redirect configuration files. Accepts the values disabled, netlify, ngnix, and static.