Get Help

Antora is designed to help you write and publish your documentation. However, we can’t fully realize this goal without your feedback! We encourage you to report issues, ask questions, share ideas, or discuss other aspects of this project using the communication tools provided below.


Activity drives progress! To that end, the issue tracker is king.

The preferred means of communicating problems, ideas, and other feedback is through the project issue tracker.

Any significant change or decision about the project is logged there.


If you need to switch to real time input, you may be interested in visiting one of the chat rooms. We’ve set up two chat rooms for discussing Antora. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • antora/users (Gitter) — Community support for Antora users.

  • antora/dev (Gitter) — Discussions about Antora architecture, development, and testing.

The discussion logs for these rooms are archived, but there is no guarantee those logs will be saved indefinitely.


If you want to share your experience with Antora or help promote it, we encourage you to post about it on social media. When you talk about Antora on Twitter, you can mention the official account for the project:

You can also use the #antora hashtag to promote the project or discover other people talking about it.

Code and content contributions

If you’re interested in helping the maintainers improve the project, then check out the Antora contributing guidelines.