Images are source files, such as photographs, diagrams, and screenshots, that are stored in an images family directory. An image can be inserted into any page or partial, regardless of the module or component version it belongs to, using an AsciiDoc image macro. AsciiDoc supports PNG, JPG, SVG, and GIF (static and animated) image file formats.

Block and inline image macros

There are two AsciiDoc image macro types, block and inline. A block image is displayed as a discrete element on a site page.

This is a paragraph.

image::resource-id[optional attribute] (1)
1 A block image is designated by two colons (::) after the macro name. It’s preceded by a blank line, entered on a line by itself, and then followed by blank line.

An inline image is displayed in the flow of another element, such as a paragraph or sidebar block.

This sentence contains an inline image:resource-id[optional attribute] image. (1)
1 An inline image is entered into the flow of the content. It’s designated by a single colon (:) after the macro name.