Family Directories and Families

Antora assigns preset, content-specific behavior to the source files stored in the family directories.

What’s a family directory?

A family directory groups source files that share the same function, processing requirements, and publishing rules. Certain families, like the page family, require that all files share the same file extension (e.g., .adoc).

Antora recognizes five standard family directories: attachments, examples, images, pages, and partials.

📒 repository
  📄 antora.yml
  📂 modules
    📂 a-named-module
      📂 attachments
      📂 examples
      📂 images
      📂 pages
      📂 partials

A family directory can only be stored in a module directory. At runtime, Antora collects the source files stored in the family directories and assigns them to a family within a module and component version.

What’s a family?

A family is a classification Antora applies to content collected from a family directory. The family corresponds to the name of the family directory. Content is configured, converted, and published according to the preset behavior associated with its assigned family.

The families are: